Blue Rhumba's shelter
Blue Rhumba and Shelter
Blue Rhumba was the first team to go to Tribal Council, where the jury voted to send Murray "Don't Take Me for Granted" off the island of St. Cecilia.

Honourable Joanne Snake CatcherThe second event, the Food competition, required teams to toss small plastic snakes into a small cooking pot, mounted on top of a hardhat, worn by one team member. Each member of the team took turns tossing snakes into the pot from various distances.

Team Blue Rhumba's catcher was Joanne "The Honourable", snaking their way to victory.

Blue Rhumba won immunity, sending Chaos to tribal council to meet with host, Ray "Coconuts" Deis. Merv was the first team member to be eliminated.

Red Chaos at Tribal Council

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