Next competition was the Pirate Coin Slide. One team member was designated Catcher with a tin cup. The other team members had to slide 10 pirate coins each down the plank (a six foot table). The team member catching the most coins won immunity.

Team Blue Rhumba won narrowly by a score of 9 to 8, sending Chaos back to Tribal Council.

Next competition was the Bean Counters. Team members had to search through buckets of sand for buried beans. Then they counted the beans -- first team to identify the correct number won immunity. Red team had Anastasia, Greg, Jackie and Rowena. Blue team had Chandra, Michael, Barrie and Joanne competiting (Lyle & Melita sat out).

This time, Red team Chaos won (after three consecutive losses). Blue Rhumba went to Tribal Council where two members were voted out. Barrie and Chandra got the axe.

After a brief break, the two teams were merged and given purple buffs. First individual competition was target practice. Competitors were given rubber bands. Targets were aluminum drink cans, labelled with names of all competitors. The objective was to knock off your opponent's can -- last can standing would win immunity. There were two cans left at the end, so join immunity was awarded. (can't remember which two of Anastasia, Rowena, Melita and Jackie won. If you do, email me).

At Tribal Council, Joanne was voted to leave the game.

Next competition was a multiple choice trivia, where contestants had to identify A, B, or C as the answer. The tie-breaker was to guess the number of grams of rice. Melita won immunity. Greg was voted out at tribal council, the eighth person to leave the game.

Next up was Coconut Bowling with the final six: Rowena, Melita, Anastasia, Jackie, Lyle and Michael.
Lyle bowls a coconut
Each bowler had three coconuts to score points with five "pins" (empty nova candle inserts). Some bowlers were pretty wild, resulting in cracked coconuts. Rowena scored a strike and a spare, earning 30 points and winning immunity. At tribal council, two players were eliminated: Lyle and Michael.

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