With four players left, Rowena, Melita, Anastasia, and Jackie went head to head on the final Trivia question: name five world cities, beginning with the letter "M" with a population over 1 million.

Based on their answers, Anastasia and Rowena were eliminated, sending Melita and Jackie on to the final round.

Final competition was a Monkey Target Shoot. Armed with rubber bands, Melita and Jackie aimed at Barrell of Monkeys monkeys and took turns trying to shoot them from their perches.
Jackie in Final competition
Many shots were made unsuccessfuly. Then finally Jackie got one off. Melita would then take her turn. If she missed, Jackie would be the Ultimate Survivor. Melita successfully shot off a monkey to remain in the game. Each had one more shot each.

In the end, Melita was successful and won the title of Ultimate Survivor.

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