Stories from the Past
From Helen M.
- Father Burns (pastor 1957-64) used to have mass at 6 am. There were times when he would phone me at 11 pm to do the music for the next morning. And I would.

From Grace & George M
- we had a rink behind our place (close to the church). Fr. Burns was very sports minded and he would make sure the rink was cleared off.
- Fr. Leboldus, Fr. Rushka and Fr. Frey were young priests (just ordained) who served with Fr. Burns.

From Murray G.
- Peter Luttmer was pastor for a time at St. Cecilia (while Rev. Fahlman was on sabbatical). Fr. Luttmer was an identical twin. His twin, Paul, would sit in the congregation and someone would go to him and ask "Why are you sitting here?"

From Simone C.
- In the early days, we used to do catering to make money to help pay for the new church, finish the basement and buy equipment. We started when we were still in the Royal Street building. We did it nearly every Saturday for many years. In fact, we catered a wedding, and also did their 25th anniversary.

From Anne Deis
- we moved to Rosemont in November, 1958. The streets were not paved. I tried to go to church when it was still on Royal Street. I walked, but couldn't find it. Shortly after that, the new church on 7th Avenue opened.
- Catechism taught us not to bite the host, but let it dissolve. You had to fast from Saturday night until mass, which had to start before noon on Sunday. You went to confession Saturday night if you wanted to have communion on Sunday.

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updated December 23, 2008