Sacristan Duties for Funerals:

*Ask priest if there are readers and communion ministers (preferable to ask the day before). If the family is not doing these ministries, look for parishioners in the congregation who do these ministries. Melita will help with communion if there is no one available.

1. If there is a coffin, ask the funeral home attendant if they have their pall. If not, the church pall is in the sixth drawer in the Sacristy.

2. Ask the priest or church secretary how many people are expected to attend. Put out the number of hosts accordingly. Important: check tabernacle to see how many hosts are there before you put out new hosts.

3. Ask the priest if there will be wine. If yes, put chalice and one cup, 2 purificators, tabernacle key, cruet with water, and towel on the tray and take up to sanctuary.

a) Put amount according to the number of people expected (100 people = 1 cup of wine) into the decanter.

4. If there is wine for the priest only (not the congregation), put cruet of wine, chalice, one purificator, key, water cruet and towel on tray and put on credence table in sanctuary.

5. Ask priest if the gifts are being taken up by the family.

a) if yes, put wine, hosts and water on gifts table outside sacristry.

b) if gifts are not being taken up, put hosts, wine and water on credance table in the sanctuary.

6. Turn on lights and sound system.

7. Make sure there is a clean corporal on the altar.

After Mass:

· do not turn off sound system power switch and all altar lights. The music group may still be playing and will need the sound system and lights to continue. Parish groups been instructed to turn these off.
· leave lights on in congregation seating area as long as people are still in the church.
· wash the sacred vessels and return everything to its place in the Sacristy.

Information updated August 12, 2012