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Acolyte: One who assists the priest at Mass (a Mass server, or altar server).

Aspergillum (sprinkler): An instrument (brush or perforated container) for sprinkling holy water.

Communion for the Sick box (black box): A small, black case used to carry the pyx containing hosts

Censer: The vessel for burning incense.

Chalice: Cup used to hold wine during Mass.

Ciborium: Container for hosts distributed during Eucharist (plural: ciboria)

Cincture: Rope belt worn by priests and altar servers.

Corporal: (from the Latin word corpus, meaning body), it is a square of linen cloth placed upon the altar. It must be in place for the body of Christ. The priest places the chalice and ciboria on it for the Eucharistic blessing.

Credence Table: A small table for the bread, wine, and vessels of the Eucharist when not in use at the altar.

Cruet: Container for the water used by the priest to add to the wine.

Finger Bowl and Towel: Used for the rite before Eucharistic prayer.

Lectionary: The book on the pulpit from which scripture is read. It is a holy object and is carried high into and out of the sanctuary by one of the Proclaimers of the Word in the procession.

Pall: A linen cloth or square of cardboard covered with cloth used to cover the chalice.

Paten: gold coloured plate used to hold the large host during the celebration of the Eucharist.

Processional Cross: Carried by an acolyte, it leads the procession and recession of liturgical ministers. It is placed in the sanctuary to signal the presence of the assembled praying community.

Pulpit: The wooden stand with slanted top, used by the Proclaimers and Priest for the Scripture readings and the Gospel. Also known as the Ambo.

Purificator: A band of cloth used to clean the rim of the chalice.

Pyx: The container for taking the consecrated host outside of church and Mass (Communion to the Sick).

Sacramental: A sacred object used in worship (candles, cross)

Sacramentary: The liturgical book used by the priest on the altar for prayers and preparation of the Eucharist.

Sacristy: The room for storing the sacred vessels and priest's robes.

Sanctuary: The portion of the church that contains the altar.

Tabernacle: The place where the consecrated hosts (body of Christ) are stored. It is locked with a key and treated with great respect. The red light near the tabernacle indicates Christ's presence there.

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