May 18, 2008
Trinity Sunday, Cycle A

First Reading: Ex.34:4-6, 8-9
Psalm: Daniel 3
Second Reading:
2Cor. 13:11-13
Gospel: Jn. 3:16-18

Theme: The Complexity Surrounding the Concept of the Trinity

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St Augustine of Hippo, a great philosopher and theologian wanted so much to comprehend the doctrine of the Trinity in order that he could explain it logically for others to understand the concept without further doubts. Storytellers tell us that, “one day, as Augustine was walking along the seashore, reflecting on how to comprehend the mystery of the Trinity, he saw a little child all alone on the shore. The child had made a whole in the sand and kept running back and forth into the sea with a little cup to fetch seawater to fill the hole he had made in the sand. Augustine went up to the child and said, "Little child, what do you think you are doing?" The child replied, "I am trying to empty the sea into this hole." "How do you think," Augustine asked, "that you can, with this tiny cup, empty this immense sea into this tiny hole you have made in the sand?" With a beaming face, the child is said to have replied, "And you, how do you suppose that with this your small head, you can comprehend the immensity of God?" With that, the child disappeared.”

It is difficult to explain the Trinity in simple terms. I have explained the concept of the Holy Trinity using the triangular model of “husband – wife – child” [a brief recap]. This time, I want us to attempt to comprehend the doctrine of Holy Trinity from “I – God – neighbour” attitude and interactions [a brief explanation with 1 – 2 – 3 examples: Church – priest – parish; parish – parishioners – priest etc].

In other words, we are TRUE Christians ONLY when we live in utter relationship of love and friendship with God and neighbors. In this regard, the Trinity becomes something extremely demanding of our time and commitment to God and each other. Unfortunately, the demanding has inadvertently caused division and contempt even for other people of the same Trinitarian family – Church – parish and parishioners – family – relatives and friends. How I wish we abide by Paul’s admonition by leaving behind or putting aside animosities, listen to each other, live in peace, greet one another with a holy kiss, and truly enter into communion with God and neighbour! After all, we believe in the same God who is the source and commander of our life; we belong to same God, who calls us “children” and forgives us our sins and failings through the action of Christ on the Cross.

Paul is asserting that if we truly want to live as Christians – as Church – as brothers and sisters and as a parish family, then we have only one choice – that “we love each other as God so loved us that he sent his only Son Jesus to redeem us from sin and to lead us to eternal life.” Our task as Christians is to bring each other into God’s spirit of JOY. Our task as Christians, as convinced followers of Christ or Catholics or parishioners IS NOT to bring each other down into moments of destruction. The family of Trinity lives in PEACE – LOVE and HARMONY, and in support of each other. In this way, they are able to bring out the best in each other; they are able to build each other’s spirit towards a greater productive living for the common good.

Let us make a profound promise that as participants in this Eucharist, we would put aside our differences and live in peace and harmony, as does the family of the Trinity.

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