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Audio recorded through sound system starting
Nov. 1, 2009.

2009 Archives
Saturday, May 30 - Pentecost
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel John 20: 19-23 (0.5 MB)
Listen - Homily
( 3.5 MB) "Pentecost, of course, is that occasion of which Jesus now entrusts his work to all of us..."

Sunday, May 24 - Ascension of the Lord
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel Mark 16: 15-20 (0.5 MB)
Listen - Homily (Saturday, 3.0 MB) "At the end of today's first reading, we have that picture of the disciples watching as Jesus is ...

Sunday, May 17 - 6th Sunday of Easter
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel John 15: 9-17 (0.6 MB)
Listen - Homily (2.8 MB) "There is something that seems to happen to human beings when we reach adolescence ..."

Saturday, May 9 - 5th Sunday of Easter
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel John 15: 1-8 (0.6 MB)
Listen - Homily (2.6 MB) "This Sunday being Mother's Day brings to mind an incident which in a way sort of connects a story of my mother and today's Gospel..."

Sunday, May 3 - 4th Sunday of Easter
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel John 10: 11-18 (0.6 MB)
Listen - Homily (3.3 MB) "This fourth Sunday of the Easter season has often been dubbed officially as Good Shepherd Sunday because of the particular image of Christ that the Gospel today gives us. And oftentimes this Sunday has provided..."

Saturday, April 25 - 3rd Sunday of Easter
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel Luke 24:35-48 (0.8 MB)
Listen - Homily (3.1 MB) "I'm a great bumper sticker reader and poster reader and one of my favourite posters depicted..."

Saturday, April 18 - 2nd Sunday of Easter
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Gospel John 20: 19-31 (1.0 MB)
Listen - Homily (3.0 MB) "Most of us who took Shakespeare's play, Hamlet..."

Sunday, April 5 - Passion Sunday
Fr. John Weckend
Listen - Commemoration of the Lord's Entrance Into Jerusalem. Gospel of Mark (Ch. 11, verses 1-10) - .6 MB
Listen - Gospel Mark 14: 1-15. 47 (7.1 MB)
Listen - Homily (1.5 MB) "It was often a puzzle to me about why we read the Passion Story at the beginning of Holy Week because we hear it again on Good Friday and it seems that we're kind of putting the cart before the horse so to speak. But I think the Gospel of Mark needs to be heard at the beginning of this week because it was written, the Gospel of Mark, first written the story of Jesus' Passion. And when it was written, the Christian community was still a persecuted, underground sort of community. The Resurrection of Jesus had not really fully impacted yet on many of his followers..."

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